Therapeutic Carriage Driving



Definition: Driving of a carriage or cart with a horse using adaptations as necessary.

Goals: To learn skills necessary for driving a horse as independently as possible using volunteers, adapted tack and/or extra assistance. To provide an alternative or addition to therapeutic horseback riding.

Benefits: Driving produces many positive effects for participants. There are physical benefits, including improved hand-eye coordination, motor skills, muscular strength, and stability. There are also improved cognitive skills, such as sequencing and spatial, environmental, and directional awareness. Driving helps students to develop trust, foster communication skills, and enjoy a sense of freedom. We want to enhance each student's self-esteem and confidence, and facilitate development of self-reliance.

Participants: Carriage driving is offered to adults & children with special needs.  Four-wheeled carriage is designed so that drivers may remain in their wheelchairs if necessary.

Opportunities: Lessons are held on Monday evenings and Thursday afternoons from April through October at our Afton location.