Scholarship Program Application and Guidelines



  1. RVR offers partial scholarships in an effort to make equine-assisted services available to participants who would benefit from the program. Scholarships are granted based on financial need.
  2. Final determination of scholarship award is based on the funds available at that time. The amount available may vary from session to session.
  3. The scholarship application form must be completed by the payment due date for the session for which it is requested. All requested information must be provided. Any incomplete or late forms may not be considered for that session. All information is kept confidential.
  4. RVR scholarships may not be used to replace or supplement any other funds available to the participant such as CADI waivers. Scholarships are to be used only when no other sources of funding are available.
  5. Please be sure to indicate how much financial assistance you are requesting by writing the amount in the space provided. The maximum amount of scholarship financial assistance is $25.00 per lesson. The remaining participant fee for the session is required to be paid by the payment due date.
  6. Scholarship funding will be revoked for more than one unexcused absence (missing a lesson without prior notification to the instructor team).
  7. Return completed application form to:
    River Valley Riders
    Attn: Scholarship Committee
    8362 Tamarack Village
    Suite 119-440
    Woodbury, MN 55125


Download: Application and Guidelines